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Слова к песне "My"...

The main question "Why?"
Makes me feel weak
What have you decide?
To snay by, or trick...
My started day
Makes me feel allright,
So tell me today,
What have you decide?

My day, my time,
My start and my life!
I'm here, standing by your side,
So tell me today,
What have you decide?

I see you there,
In a crowded place
But it's not fair,
Not to see your face
I come to you,
You're in my mind
I'm waiting to,
What have you decide?

P.S> Слова написала Аня Федорова... Ее голос можно услышать в акустической версии песни по адресу http://twa.od.ua/mail/SporNA%20-%20My.mp3
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